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The week of 1st October

Awareness and education about Black History goes on all year, check the events poster for Brighton & Hove which will also go up. For local black history have a look on the Brighton Black History site here and more.
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The week of 10th September

poor Sandy is still in her hospital in Hereford (she hasn’t got as far as Birmingham yet) awaiting a bed. Terry and Alison are going up to Hereford to visit and talk to the consultant. We are praying for her full and safe recovery. Here she is, unable to move very much, bless her and more.
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The week of 3rd September

Saturday 9 September Community Breakfast
We’ll be serving breakfast from 9.30 here in the hall downstairs, come and join us for a catch up and re-group after the holidays and more.
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The week of 20th & 27th August

Seems like Andy preached a powerful message last Sunday. This hymn to me reads like a manifesto for what we try to practise here at HMC. The tricky bit is acceptance of people we don’t agree with, always easier in theory than real life. But we believe very strongly that without diversity of opinion, you run the danger of merely creating an echo chamber. And we don’t want that. We want to love people the way they are, while retaining the right to challenge, probe and discuss matters. Elin….and more.
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The week of 13th August

We’d like to announce the appointment of our next Church Administrator, someone that most of us already know. JJ Baiden-Amissah will start serving the church community here on 18 September, subject to the checks and bureaucracy all going through and more.
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The week of 30th July

Donald has been entertaining guests; Mary, June and Jo were over from Malaysia and Australia for a visit to remember our beloved Joy who died in January 2020, and lay her ashes to rest in a quiet ceremony and more.
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The week of 23rd July

Steve Preston was re-visiting old haunts up in London last week, including his old local church where he used to be a steward, Holly Park Methodist Church. Although it’s almost 20 years since he left to pursue a career in banking in Singapore, , many of the original congregation were still there to welcome him back and more.
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The week of 16th July

We had a great time at the CHOMP celebration hosted by One Church. Lai and Guy, two of our longest serving volunteers, joined me for a Mexican feast and then a samba dance session and more.
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