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The week of 17th March

Chatty cafe is like a market square on a Friday with artists painting, flower arranging, table tennis matches, musical interludes and this week Stella came along with her knitting. Please feel free to come along and share in the joy of chatty cafe, you will be assured of a very warm welcome and of course cake and coffee in abundance. We also had a great session on Friday where lots of our toddlers, with the help of our lovely Josh made special Mother’s Day cards to thank their mummies for being such superheroes!! and more….
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The week of 10th March

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Our commitment to discuss race, equality, diversity and inclusion in our white majority churches continues. A few of us, having completed Ben Lindsay’s book have started sharing thoughts on how this book can influence our lives and the life of the church. Have you had an opportunity to read this book? Do you wish to be part of the conversation? Do get in touch to join our growing group and more….
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The week of 3rd March

Words can do no justice to the entertainment provided by the Cheer Up Mollys last Saturday afternoon. The Mollys ensured that there was loads of joy, singing and as is customary with HMC musical events, some dancing (we love you Simon)! And in the midst of all that ‘Cheer’, a whopping £1000 was raised for Food and Friendship. Thank you to all who supported and continue to volunteer at these events!and more….
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The week of 25th February

Sue’s recent Sunday sermon on Noah’s Ark got some of us reminiscing about the wonderful musicals, shows, Mystery Plays and pantomimes performed here over the years. Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo in the 1970’s, The Mystery Plays, Godspell, Oliver, Cavalcade… Can you recall any more? and more….
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The week of 18th February

Blessings abound as we welcome Rev Sue Jacobs to lead us in our worship on Sunday 18 February. On the following Sunday 25 February, our local arrangement service will be looked after by Charlotte and an all star cast of Elin, Jonathan, David and J.J. The theme for this service will be ’Turning Points’ and more….
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The week of 11th February

Tuesday 13 February sees the return of our CHOMP holiday sessions. Expect the halls of HMC to be filled with all the joy and laughter from our CHOMP families and more….
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The week of 4th February

This Sunday 4 February, our service will feature our friends and stars of the Chatty Café! We are bringing the conversation, exuberance and creativity of our weekly Friday sessions to Sunday service. Not forgetting the abundance of tea, coffee and cakes. Expect the unexpected but anticipate all blessings and more….
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The week of 28th January

This Sunday 28 January, we welcome our extended family from across the circuit to our All Age Worship; and ’Circuit Together’ service. Rev Andy Lowe, guitar in tow, will lead us in worship and praise; supported by our regular bunch of talented musicians.and more….
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The week of 21st January

During his sermon last Sunday, Rev Andy Lowe referred to discussions he had been having with JJ over the book, ‘We need to talk about race – understanding the black experience in white majority churches’. Written by Ben Lindsay, church leader, speaker, trainer and facilitator for social justice; this book addresses conversations which should be shared within our church community and beyond. To that end, we have made available a few copies of the book to borrow. Please contact the church office to secure your copy and more….
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The week of 14th January

I don’t know about you but I always like to follow a great Sunday service with a lovely cup of coffee, a bourbon biscuit and a chat! (Trivia – Did you know that a Penguin biscuit is just a bourbon covered in chocolate?)
This is only made possible by the amazing people who volunteer to make coffees and lay out treats after service. If you wish to be part of this awesomeness, please add your name to the coffee rota to add to the blessings we all receive on Sundays! and more….
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