B&H Interfaith Choir, autumn session, begins at St Peter’s RC Church, Portland Road, Sun 17 Sept 6pm, leader Judith Silver

B&H Interfaith Choir, which often meets on our premises, always welcomes new members. You don’t need to be an experienced singer or able to read music.  Judith Silver is a very experienced choir leader and Natural Voice practitioner, who can get anyone to sing – and, yes, that means ANYONE, even you!  Just turn up if you are interested and you will find a very friendly, welcoming group.  Please see choir schedule below for further information.

Interfaith choir Sept

‘One-off’ Singing Workshop, Sunday 22 October, Hove Methodist Church 6.30 – 8.30 pm with Delia Rosenboom, Natural Voice practitioner

So you think you ‘don’t have a good voice’ and ‘can’t sing’?  Join our workshop to surprise yourself and have an enjoyable and uplifting evening.  No need to read music or have singing experience.  All welcome.  £10 inc. light refreshments. Please register in advance with Charlotte (07956 314380; mail@jcgravestock.plus.com)

Annual Interfaith Celebration, Hove Methodist Church, 3pm Sunday 26 November

This is an annual event in our city that takes place around the time of National Interfaith Week. It is hosted by various different faith communities.  This year the celebration will take place at our church and the theme will be ‘Listening’.  Readings, thoughts and prayers will be given by representatives from many different faith communities.  All are welcome to join us.