About Us

Picture of a Cross by David SharmanWe are a Christian community united around the faith of the historical church, as expressed in its most widely accepted creeds and as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.

We are affiliated to the Progressive Christian Network.

We believe in God, we follow Jesus and we trust in the presence and the movement of the Spirit.

As People committed to looking for and living in the Realm of God (traditionally the "Kingdom") revealed in Jesus Christ we are called to love one another and to be a healing community seeking the wholeness and liberation of all people. To learn more about Jesus visit rejesus.co.uk

In that respect we are seeking to live out and express the following beliefs:

  • Each human life is a gift from God and each person has equal worth and value.
  • We are called to take an active stand against any relationships, practices or structures which deny or undermine this belief.
  • Human creativity is a gift from God, and a way in which we express God's image in us. We seek to encourage and embrace this gift in our worship and life and to enjoy and challenge contemporary culture in all its diversity.
  • The resources of the earth are God's gifts to us, for which we are called to take responsibility and show care.
  • We are called to live simply, identify with the poor, and know that all material possessions are gifts from God, to be shared for the common good.

Our fellowship encompasses all age groups and is both ethnically and socially diverse. We believe that in the Gospel is to be found a radical welcome, a generous invitation to share in the feast of God's creation and a challenge to place God at the centre of everything that we do. We worship in the Methodist tradition.

To find out more about the Methodist Church follow this link to www.methodist.org.uk.